Welcome to Bangkok, Thailand

After our luxurious trip to Singapore, we landed the next day in Bangkok…The difference between these cities shocked us. From the soap clean streets we were now in another world, the city of contrasts, “enjoying” the strong waste-water smell from the water streams and the heavy traffic of the city. We went to our accommodation for the early check-in at the hostel. We chose to switch from the 5 star hotel in Singapore to a hostel in Bangkok as we wanted to try to experience the thai way of living.

The hosts welcomed us with a cup of homemade coconut ice-cream and I must say that this was the most delicious ice-cream i have ever tasted.We left our luggage in the room and went out to explore the city, a little bit scared i would say. Our location was near a local market, so we entered to buy some fruits. Little did we know that in that market they were selling bugs, frogs, worms and many other “delicious” insects, that were waiting to be cooked.

We took a cab and asked the driver to take us to the city center. After a very long drive (the traffic was really bad), we arrived at our destination. We were amazed. The buildings, the temples, the architecture…It was extraordinary. Those days, the entire city was celebrating the King’s Birthday, and there were so many happy people in the street, selling traditional food, handmade clothes and accessories, coconuts, etc. There were elephant parades, dancing shows, everybody was celebrating. Bangkok suddenly became a fascinating world for us.

The next day, we rode the Tuk Tuk. We first did this just to check the experience off the “Bangkok to do” list, but we noticed that this was the easiest and the quickest way to get around the city. So the Tuk Tuk became our friend. It “tuk” us everywhere we wanted. We visited the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Wat Pho, Temple of Reclining Buddha, Emerald Buddha, and many, many other temples and tourist attractions. We enjoyed the Thai cuisine, at least up to the point of eating bugs or other insects. We stopped in every market we passed by, to try the street food and their fruits. Of course we tasted the Thai traditional fruit – Durian – as everybody recommended us to try. Durian is a very large fruit that smells like rotten onion but some say that once you pass that awful smell, it tastes heavenly. Well, in my opinion, and it is only my personal opinion, its taste was also like rotten onion.
After a long day of visiting and walking around the city, we spoiled ourselves with a Thai Foot Massage on Khao San Road, which melt all the tiredness off.

We stayed in Bangkok for 2 days and we enjoyed every experience. It was a fascinating adventure. Bangkok should definitely be on your “cities to visit” list.

    IMG_5019 IMG_5011 IMG_5004 IMG_4979 IMG_4859 IMG_4826 IMG_4755

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