FollowMe to Iceland, April 2016 – 350 Eur


We’re back and we’re going big again. We’re trying to search for the incredible Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis. If you want to come let us know as soon as possible; the more.. the merrier.

We’re going to organize this early April:

– low cost flight (1 stop) Bucharest-Iceland

– 4 nights accommodation in Iceland

– breakfast included

– low cost flight (1 stop) Iceland-Bucharest

– hold luggage (so that you can pack all the clothes and accessories you need)

Northern-Lights-Iceland6-jpg aurora-borealis-wallpaper-1920x1200 gullfoss-waterfall-iceland_2 iceland_fjallabak_09_big iceland-insane Iceland-pictures-87 nature-design-skaftafeli-iceland nordic-landscape-nature-photography-iceland-24 WIEI-iceland-walking1

Will wait for your message and we’ll get you to join the group asap!

Have a great one!

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