Kuala Lumpur in December

Maybe second best to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur was a great surprise.

Once we landed from Langkawi the taxi took us 60 KM away to the great Malay State Capital of Kuala Lumpur.

We stayed there for 3 days in a lovely 3* Hotel close to the city center. Breakfast was nice, lots of coffee and a chinese restaurant just next to our hotel.

Kuala Lumpur amazed us with its buildings, the many green places (parks, green boulevards, trees) as well as the mammoth infrastructure and transportation system.

First and foremost thing to see – Petronas Towers and Menara Tower. You can see them from almost anywhere in the city at their 452m (Petronas) and 420m (+ the 35m high hill on which it stands Menara Tower).

Second thing to see – Bathu Caves. They are really impressive but I would say a bit overrated mostly due to the fact that the authorities do not keep it clean, it is really crowded and there isn’t much around to see except for that. In order to get to the Caves you need to change means of transport and it takes about one hour to get there.

Another interesting landmark in KL is the National Mosque – Masjid Jamek Negara. You can visit it and there is a free tour guide that answers all your questions. We had a great tour guide – a guy that studied abroad, great English skills and really funny. The building is impressive and visiting it as described by the guide shows the great side of Muslim Culture in south-east Asia.

Other great locations to visit would be Perdana Botanical Gardens, the great Mall, Bird park, Central market as wel as the museums and little India.

Make sure you try the Malay food – pattaya, nasi lemak and all other nasi’s and roti jala.

It was an amazing trip and we’re 100% coming back to south-east Asia for another trip.

Stay tuned – we’ll be back with more details on Greece, Jamaica, USA, Morocco and many more!

Enjoy the Pictures!

wpid-20141214_163343.jpg wpid-20141214_163753.jpg wpid-20141213_211735.jpg wpid-20141214_111349.jpg wpid-20141214_101843.jpg wpid-20141214_113605.jpg wpid-20141214_113211.jpg wpid-20141214_114419.jpg wpid-20141214_120630.jpg wpid-20141214_123510.jpg wpid-20141214_165154.jpg

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