US Visa – Approval rate

Acceptare VIZA USA

Dear Travelers,

We thought of writing this post considering more and more Romanians wish to go cross the Atlantic and visit the all might USA.

Many fear that the visa will be rejected or that the cost for the visa is high and the process take slots of time. There is no need to worry about that. Following our own experience, the experience of many of our friends (everybody got their US Visa) and the statistics, we can tell you that there is a very big chance that you get the US visa without any headaches.

Below you can find the approval rates for 2008, 2013 and 2014. Please take into account the fact that this is on an upward trend and that requesting it now might show even better chances.

Country       2008 Rate        2013 Rate        2014 Rate
Romania        75.00%            88.50%             91.20%

The US visa costs 160 USD and you only need to fill in the DS 160 form followed by paying the tax at a designated bank and then scheduling the visa interview. You can find more details at US Visa Website.

Hope this helps and sets your mind at ease.

Enjoy your travels!

2 thoughts on “US Visa – Approval rate

    • Hi,
      I wouldn’t say there are common mistakes that would gt your visa rejected however for a tourist/business Visa (B1 or B2) I would suggest you pay attention to the form when filling in all the requested information and say your exact reason for travel. If you are interested in moving to USA then you need to apply for a different visa and not for the B1/B2.
      Thank you!

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