Last Minute Flight: Mombasa, Kenya for 350 Eur


Hello there!

This post is meant to show you a cheap way to get to the Equator, flight to Mombasa, Kenya. Enjoy the Beach, sun, nice sand, do some snorkeling and maybe even go for a safari trip. Equatorial Beach, Sand and Sun is all you need!

This is a DYI (do it yourself) trip so you would have to purchase the tickets separately in order to get to this price.

This offer is, at its lowest price, available from Cluj and Timisoara (350 eur/person):

Timisoara-Frankfurt Flight + Frankfurt-Mombasa Flight

Cluj-Frankfurt FlightFrankfurt-Mombasa Flight

but you could also depart from Bucharest (450 eur/person):

Bucharest-Frankfurt Flight Frankfurt-Mombasa Flight

You can find a cheap bus link from Hahn Airport to Frankfurt and then take the train to Frankfurt International Airport to catch this Charter flight for Mombasa! Price is about 20 USD/Person one way ticket. More Info Here.

For accommodations we recommend

Hurry up, limited number of seats available!

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