Mallorca in August from The Big Apple

Enjoy your affordable summer vacation in the beautiful Mediterranean islands of Spain.

Mallorca is the main island of the Balearic Archipelago and has great weather from spring to late autumn so you can enjoy the sun, palm trees, nightlife in one of the most popular destinations across the old continent.


The trip is for 2 weeks with 12 nights accommodation on the island. In case you want to take more from this adventure we recommend you also travel to Ibiza, Menorca or even Barcelona, Madrid, Rome and Monaco for a small amount with great low cost airlines like RyanAir and Easyjet.

You can book your flight by clicking Here. This is an amazing deal at only 370 USD/Passenger for a return trip with one stopover in Switzerland.

Our recommended Hotel is This one; breakfast included, very close to the beach.

For a low cost option you can always book with Airbnb and get some credit when creating a new account by accessing the website Here.

You can rent a car Here for a mere 120 USD for the entire period or get a transfer from the airport to the hotel for around 6-9 USD/person with local public transport – bus A11.

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