Miami, Florida from Bucharest – 475 Eur

Great flight offer from from bucharest to Miami with only 1 stop.

You can choose the shortest stopover with Austrian Airlines as seen below or get the cheapest option for 10 Eur cheaper and get to visit Istanbul (flight with Tarom+Turkish) or have a longer layover in London (British and American). Offer is available in November and December 2017. The example shows a trip from 18 Nov to 01 Dec; great thing about this is that you leave during the weekend and come back on Saturday and have an extra day to re-accommodate.


We recommend you book a hotel in Miami Beach (North if you want great hotels and a bit of luxury ro South if you want to go where the fun is.

Other great things to do:

  • visit the Everglades and watch alligators feed, learn about the swamp and see an inland delta
  • go enjoy a Miami Heat basketball game at the amazing American Airlines Arena
  • go on a cruise in the Caribbeans (see the Bahamas, Jamaica, Cuba, Mexico or any other Caribbean island/territory)
  • visit Key West, Orlando and Disneyland, Cape Canaveral, Fort Lauderdale and many more


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