Langkawi for one week in February

Offer includes:

  • Flight Bucharest-Langkawi
  • One Week 3-4* Accommodation in Langkawi, next to the beach
  • Breakfast included for the entire stay in Langkawi
  • Flight Langkawi-Bucharest
  • Hand Luggage
  • Checked Luggage
  • Airport and Security Taxes, Accommodation VAT and City tax
  • Price/Pers: 750 Eur
  • Enjoy!

FollowMe to Paradise – Langkawi

After visiting Singapore and Bangkok, our next stop was in Langkawi, Malaysia. We flew with Malaysia Airlines, and we were very satisfied with their services despite the then recent events and the effect it had on their image.

The plane landed on Langkawi airport at 8 AM. The sun was shining on the beautiful sea, making the entire island sparkle. The amazing blend of colors immediately caught our attention. The blue of the see perfectly combined with the white sand and the vivid green that covered almost the entire island, created an exquisite painting.

After we took a taxi to the accommodation we were surprised to see that it was as we imagined it based on the website pictures and maybe more. There were about 14 houses on both sides of a central passage with small ponds, fish in the water, here and there, palm trees, a stream and many more plants that made it look like a community in the middle of nature itself.

Each of the houses could accommodate 2 couples. There was one on the ground floor and one at the 1st floor (this one was the one we chose as it also included air conditioning).

There was another “jaw-dropping” moment when we stepped on the beach and actually felt how it’s like to relax on a tropical island, see many other islands in the horizon, the amazing white sand, long beach and blue water.

The following day we were awaken by a strange noise as if someone was walking or maybe even running o the roof. We went outside to see what was happening and, guess what… there were monkeys all over the place: on the roofs, on the sidewalk, fighting with the housemaid, some were just watching the other fight and enjoying the show just as we did. We noticed afterwards that there were actually two types of monkeys: “good monkeys” and “naughty monkeys” as the sign at the entrance informed us.

We recommend you visit the island capital of Kuta as well as go up the cable car on one of the highest mountain peaks, see the amazing Langkawi Sky Bridge, take a boat trip and do some Island Hopping or see the Corals in Pulau Payar Marine Park, see the mangroves, sunbathe on the Cenang and Tengah Beaches and last but not least go to the Adventure Park or just drive along and do some incredible sightseeing.

Langkawi is a pearl of the Andaman Sea and one great Malay destination for both relaxation and adventure!

See you soon as we next discover the adventures we went through in Kuala Lumpur!

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