Zanzibar Flight – Jan 2018 for 470 EUR

Great Trip to Zanzibar during the dry season in Jan-Feb 2018.

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CAtch the flight to Bologna with Wizzair/Ryanair, enjoy the city and then hop on the Turkish Airlines flight to Zanzibar. Total price/person is about 470 Eur

You can get great accommodation in Bologna and Zanzibar Beach, Zanzibar City or close to coral Reefs.


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Sri Lanka for January 2018

There are great flight deals for Sri Lanka in January 2018 starting at only 440 Eur/Pers.

Hurry up while they’re still available!

Link HERE for the flight. Link HERE or HERE for the suggested accommodation. Total Price (flight plus accommodation, breakfast) is about 680 EUR/Person.

For transfer you can rent a car, get a taxi (around 65-90 eur, depending on your negotiation skills) or you can get the bus to Colombo and then hop on the train for a total of around 5 Eur/Pers.

Visit Tenerife late September for a Week

You’ll get to see one of the most visited islands in Europe (more than 5 Mil visitors per year) and see lots of great views: from volcanoes to black sand beaches and from amazing water parks to gorgeous cruises.

Everything you need is included: Flight, airport taxes, hand baggage, 3* accommodation and breakfast. The only thing missing is a big smile and will to relax.

The price for this is 380 Eur/Pers.

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