7 reasons why you should book a ticket to Colombia right now

Many of us may have heard of Colombia following the release of the famous “Narcos” TV Series and some people still think it’s a violent and dangerous country because of its dark past , but with this article we will show you that Colombia is not anymore the country of Pablo Escobar but it has become one of the best tourist-friendly destinations in the Americas and in the World!

1. Urban Art in Medellin

Medellin- The city of eternal Spring that has transformed into a first prize winner for “Most Innovative City in the World”, one of the most citizen-oriented developed locations you will ever find. The streets of Medellín are covered in urban art since the Government commissioned Colombian street artists and Latin-American to cover the public spaces of the neighborhoods and around the escalators with murals that tell the story of Medellín and the Colombian people. Take a walk around Medellín and admire this urban gallery. Most of the paintings can be seen around the metro stations but also in other parts of the city, including the famous Comuna 13. This is the living proof that you can turn a dark past into a bright future using art and education. We had a great City Art Tour with Epic Tours Medellín; if you want to contact them you can do it by e-mail info@epictoursmedellin.com or Facebook.

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